The Carinthian Blondvieh is an old indigenous breed. It most probably goes back to the so called “Slawenvieh”, which was crossed with Gelbvieh and also with the Hungarian grey cattle in the past. According to the regions two different strains existed: the Mariahofer and the Lavantaler. In 1890 it was decided to merge those two strains under the name Carinthian Blondvieh. In the federal state Carinthia the breed was predominant until the 1970ies. Back then the number of Carinthian Blondvieh cattle was 60.000. But like most of the other native breeds it was replaced by other breeds. In 1990 the population was reduced to 100 cattle. In 1994 the Carinthian Blondvieh club was re-established and the conservation program started. The number of breeding cattle increased over the years, so nowadays we have a stable population. Today most of the cows are kept as suckler cows. Most of them are located in Carinthia.

Breeding Association: Kärnterrind
Breeding director: Georg Moser