History in Austria:

Austria is known for its dual purpose Fleckvieh, which is commonly used in the dairy production. When suckler cow farming started, Fleckvieh cows where the most often used dams in crossbred-herds. Breeding cattle and semen have been exported to various countries, where Austrian Fleckvieh was used as a foundation for the Fleckvieh Fleisch herds.

In Austria the first purebreed Fleckvieh Fleisch herds were established in the early 90ies. The foundation was primarily Austrian dual purpose Fleckvieh. At this time bulls, heifers and semen from Germany (mainly Bavaria) were imported. Later on cattle from Denmark were bought as well. Currently semen from various other countries (Denmark, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Canada) is used to further improve the breed.

Most of the Fleckvieh Fleisch cattle are polled. The dual purpose and beef Fleckvieh is considered equal. Therefore dual purpose males and also females are still used in the beef population to secure some traits (especially milk yield).

Current numbers (2017):
Pedigree herds 536
Herdbook cows 4167
Herdbook heifers 2376
Herd sires 62