Field test

The beef performance testing is carried out as a field test.
Weight at birth is recorded by the breeder. Ease of calving is scaled from 1 (without any help) to 5 (embryotomy). The weights at 200 days (from the age of 90 to 280 days) and 365 days (from the age of 281 to 500 days) are taken by an employee of the recording organisation and the daily gain is calculated.

Productive traits like calving interval, age at first calving, average age of the cows, calving ease and the percentage of dead calves are analyzed annually.

The recording is performed by the Landeskontrollverband, an ICAR approved organisation in accordance with the breeding associations.

These data are published in an annual report.

Breeding values

For Angus, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Charolais, Fleckvieh and the conservation breeds breeding values based on the above mentioned field test are estimated once a year. The total merit index consists of following single traits:

Weight at 200 days Beef production index Total merit index
Weight at 365 days
Carcass classification
Daily gain (estimated from the carcass weight)
200 days maternal
Calving ease direct (estimated of grade for calving ease, birth weight and gestation length)
Calving ease daughters
Stillbirth rate direct
Stillbirth rate daughters
Calving interval



Scoring of all mating bulls is recommended. The scoring index consists of three different grades for muscling, frame and exterior. About 900 bulls are scored each year.

Cows from intensive beef breeds and some conservation breeds can be scored as well. Muscling, frame, exterior and the udder quality are evaluated.