History in Austria:

In the 70ies the first Charolais cattle came to Austria. Most of the breeding cattle were bought from France, Luxembourg and Germany. From the beginning the breed was of the utmost importance for crossbreeding herds. Most of the purebred cattle are located in Carinthia, where the use of Charolais herd sires for crossbreeding to produce high quality weanlings was promoted.

Nowadays Charolais are bred in every federal state and the number of cows has been increasing.  About 250 bulls are scored annually – which is the highest number of all beef breeds. Semen is frequently used from various countries. The proportion of polled Charolais is slightly increasing with some breeders focusing strongly on this trait.

Current numbers (2017):
Pedigree herds 150
Herdbook cows 1615
Herdbook heifers 1309
Herd sires 132